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Waterworks card game rules

waterworks card game rules

Water works is a game wet like to take on vacation since it's quick and easy to store.
There are 6 different shapes of each of the 3 kinds of pipe.The box shows wear, typical for a game this age. .Play your cards to be the first to connect a correctly-a.Are you going to work on your own pipes or are you going to try to sabotage your opponents?We've even had a few people stop us and ask what game we're playing.THE stock THE discard You may turn over three cards at a time from the stock to the discard.Cards from the Nerts pile can also be played on the foundations.Waterworks will have you doing your best to build your pipeline before your opponents, while trying to slow them down.Waterworks card game - 1972 Parker Brothers hit the jackpot meaning - 100 Complete.25, buy It Now or Best Offer, complete with all 10 wrenches and bathtub card tray. .THE setup, each player deals themselves a, nerts pile, this is a 13 card pile, 12 cards face-down and the 13th card is dealt face-up.Players receive 1 point for each of their cards played on foundation piles and lose 2 points for each Nerts card left in hand.Scoring If a player calls, Nerts!, the play ends and scoring begins.In the center of the playing field is the common area.Jokers Jokers may be added to the deck any may stand for any card in the deck.Any player may add to any foundation pile.Waterworks also comes with the official rules and instructions sheet.A card from a work pile may be moved to another work pile.THE nerts pile, you may play cards from the top of your Nerts pile onto work piles and empty work piles.This should be easily accessible to all players and it holds the foundations which players will be building upon.
Player build work piles in descending numerical order, alternating red and black, and overlapping the cards.
Cards are in nice shape. .