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In the eastern United States and adjacent parts of Canada the prevailing type was that commonly known under the Algonkian name of wigwam.
In spite of these official efforts to protect Indian lands, unauthorized entry and use caused constant friction through the colonial period.
They had excellent pottery, sometimes decorated with abstract figures of animals or humans.Many American places have been named after Indian words. .Even such well-known tribes as the Creeks and Cherokee were really only aggregations of closely cognate villages, each acting independently or in cooperation with the others as suited its immediate convenience.Their art work, for which they are famed, also included the making of ceremonial items, such as rattles and masks; weaving; and basketry.The Northwest Coast Area, the Northwest Coast area extended along the Pacific coast from South Alaska to North California.These Plains Indians were among the last to engage in a serious struggle with the white settlers in the United States.The making of pottery belonged to the women and was practiced in nearly all tribes, excepting those in the plains and interior basin, and the cold north.This relationship is referred to as a government-to-government relationship.The proclamation reserved for the use of the tribes "all the Lands and Territories lying to the Westward of the sources of the Rivers which fall into the Sea from the West maryland live online slots new and Northwest.Human sacrifices, either of infants or adults, were found among the Timucua of Florida, the Natchez of Mississippi, the Pawnee of the plains, and some tribes of California and the north-west coast, the sacrifice in the last-mentioned region being frequently followed by a cannibal feast.Originally, the United States exercised no guardianship over the person module slot pokemon go of the Indian; after 1871, when internal tribal matters became the subject of national legislation, the number and variety of regulatory measures multiplied rapidly.Land was usually held in common, except among the Pueblos, where it was apportioned among the clans, and in some tribes in northern California, where individual right is said to have existed.Many Indians who did not join the congregations for fear of losing what they owned fled to mountain places and lost their lands anyway.The Eskimo are an Asian people who are distinguishable from the American Indians by their more Asian features, by the relative smallness of their hands and feet, and by a few less obvious traits.In many tribes the man cut, sewed, and decorated his own buckskin suit, and in some of the Pueblo villages the men were the basket-weavers.A weak state, in order to provide for its safety, may place itself under the protection of one more powerful, without stripping itself of the right of government, and ceasing to be a e first major departure from the policy of respecting Indian rights came.The causes of decrease may be summarized as: (1) introduced diseases and dissipation, particularly smallpox, sexual disease, and whiskey; (2) wars, also hardship and general enfeeblement consequent upon frequent removals and enforced change from accustomed habitat.The Navaho hogan, was a smaller counterpart of the Pawnee "earth lodge".
Their diet of deer meat was supplemented by other game (e.g., bear fish (caught with hook, spear, and net and shellfish.