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All small all tall craps

all small all tall craps

This assumes a buy bet on the blackjack auto shop 4 with commission on a win only (effective odds of 59 for 20 place bet on the 5 paying 7 to 5, and place bet on the 6 paying 7.
For example, on a total of 11, the player must roll an eleven 14-113 times before a seven.If any number other than a 7 is rolled on the come out roll, then it becomes the point.The patent application doesn't specifically say that other numbers on a come out roll don't help, but it is implied by saying that the casino may choose to let the player turn the repeater bets on and off on a come out roll.The lower right cell shows a house edge.50.In this version, the player can only lose on a "seven out" but any numbers rolled on a come out roll don't help either.Buy Bets in Crapless Craps Bet Pays Prob.The lower right cell shows a house edge.79.The following table shows a house edge.79.The following return table shows the pays, probabilities, and return from each event, based on a 1 bet.The odds under this variant are shown below.To 12 50 to.001056.052806 9 to 10 25 to.003434.085858 7 to 8 10 to.011168.111678 5 to 6 5 to.036316.181578 0 to 4 Loss.947557 -0.947557 Total 1 -0.271883 Assuming the maximum win.Four Rolls no Seven I hear that Sam's Town in both Las Vegas and Shreveport offer this bet.Following are the complete rules.The catch is that the probability of hitting a point of 2 or 12 is only 1/7, and the probability of hitting a point of 3 or 11 is only 1/4.Golden Dice Challenge Return Table for 1 Bet Event Pays Probability vase opaline baccarat Return 20 or more 5000 to.000008.The Small, Tall, and All Bets are a popular series of wagers that casinos began offering a few years ago.Once again, all five numbers must be rolled before a 7, if the player is to win this wager.The house edge on the 174:1 payout on the All Bet.76.The probability of winning is 15/3641.67 and the house edge.67 (ouch!).
So, the player is not gaining much on the 2, 3, and 12 since they will likely lose anyway, but is giving up a sure winner on the 11 for only a 1/4 chance of winning.

Odds are a comparison of the number of ways one event can happen versus another.
Here is the same chart for the better of place and buy bets.
Pays have been converted to a "to one" basis, to be consistent with the rest of this page.